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Secure Stoops & Walkways

Stoops and walks are equally as important to us as larger projects like pools or Outdoor Kitchens. After all, pathways are how you get to these landscape’s destination locations. 

Every day when you come and depart from your home, you, your visitors, and your family will travel your walkway and ascend your stoop. They should be appealing to the eye as well as functionally capable of withstanding years of intense traffic.





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The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated. Using High-quality A1 Masonry and Pavers and professional workmanship, our skilled team of masons and designers will design and create a front stoop that adds value to your property and transforms your entryway.


Our masons and pavers create the nicest walkways on Long Island using pavers, bluestone, asphalt, cement, or natural stone. Put your project in the hands of the A1 Masonry Team! Our crew is excited to collaborate with you on your paving or masonry job.

Benefits of Stoops and Walkways

Maintenance of Stoops and Walkways

Many brick pavers benefit from frequent care, just like a kitchen floor or a car. Here are some suggestions:

Sealing Pathways and stoops made of pavers – Consider sealing pavers in areas where stains Could be an issue because:

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