Asphalt Maintenance Tips: Get Crack-Free Surfaces with Top-Notch Techniques

Deep cleaning of the repair area, checking the weather beforehand, and utilizing the proper equipment are considered to be some helpful Asphalt Paving Maintenance tips. It’s significant to remember that you can cover more asphalt maintenance than you might think. Crack filling, seal coating, line striping, and other repairs can easily be completed.  The challenge comes in trying to give competition to the look of professional jobs. After all, if your work is dull, you may see yourself facing the same problems over and over. Keeping your home’s exterior looking good is a great job. 

Something constantly needs repairs or maintenance. The front side of a lot of homes is the show side and the side that people see every day. Asphalt Driveways are also a great deal of the aesthetics of a house, but most people don’t understand it. Apart from the house itself, the driveway is one of the largest parts of any property. When it begins to look unpleasant, it can make the entire property look bad. That’s why we have put light on some asphalt maintenance tips you need to know. Maintaining your driveway will keep your home fresh, and nice and save you costly replacement costs later.

Clean it regularly: 

Everything lasts longer if it gets regular deep cleanings, even an asphalt driveway. This should be more than just a usual sweep. It needs to be detailed. Fix a day every month to clean your driveway. You can make it a part of other outdoor maintenance; it shouldn’t take the whole day. Regular cleaning that includes gusting excess debris off the driveway will extend its life over the years. If you see spots from gas, oil, or transmission fluid, remove them off instantly. Those corrosive liquids can cause a lot of damage if ignored. Put sand or kitty litter on them to soak them up and lessen the damage. Take the help of a friend, or family member to knowingly reduce the time it takes and cover more ground. One member should strongly wire-brush the cracks out while another handles a gas blower. When you finish the sweep, wipe out any other dirt and debris. Taking shortcuts in cleaning your surface will cause great harm to your asphalt and require additional work in the future.

Hole & Crack Repair: The Weather Needs to Be suitable

Get your favorite weather app handy, and check it regularly. Before you grab supplies to fill cracks or holes, ensure the suitable conditions for it. Crack filling needs a temperature greater than 60 degrees Fahrenheit and a few consecutive days without rain. If not, then the crack fill won’t cure properly. 

Clean out the cracks thoroughly. Evacuate any weeds, or spray vinegar to kill them. It’s vital to clean all areas of the damage, including the hooks and nooks. If not, the sealer will peel off the crack badly.

Lastly, apply the appropriate filler:

  • Blows a half-inch or less in diameter cold patch
  • Pops a half-inch to 2 inches in diameter: rubbered hot pour crack filler
  • Cracks more than 2 inches in diameter: treated like a hole and require a patch

Sealcoating: Works wonders

The top tip for asphalt maintenance you need to know is seal coating. Sealcoating is similar to putting a protective forcefield over your driveway. It keeps water out, makes the asphalt look nice and clean, and defends against the elements and sun. Asphalt contractors can seal coat your driveway in a few hours, and the difference is prominent. A driveway that gets a twice-a-year sealing will last way longer than one that doesn’t.

You shouldn’t apply one coat of paint to your living room walls and consider it a day. The same is the case with your asphalt.

One thick layer of sealer won’t cure, which presents both an eyesore and puts money pressure on you in the long term: A messy job needs a good one later on. Before seal coating, don’t forget to clean your surface thoroughly. Remove oil stains and similar things. These will prevent the coating from adhering. Also, ensure you’re wearing suitable attire in which your body is covered. Long sleeves, pants, waterproof boots, and gloves will keep sealers away from your skin.

It’s like fun painting. Apply two thin coats, and let the first one dry before you start the second. That way you can identify any problem areas.

Line Striping: Get a Machine

You’ll observe that professionals don’t line stripe by hand so you shouldn’t also. Line striping is about thorough attention to detail, and if you’re depending on ropes or edgers to paint your lines, it will be time-consuming and will cost you a lot of money. An investment in a multi-purpose machine like Powerline 850, which is lightweight and effective, will help maximize your production. It will ensure you’re painting crispy, tidy lines. When it is time to line strip, scrub the old lines properly with a brush and clean away the paint chips. Or else, the new layer of paint won’t set on it properly.


Although these above-mentioned asphalt maintenance tips can be super useful but can be challenging at the same time if you don’t seek a professional asphalt contractor to care for your property. It is because they can provide you with a Professional Paving Service which will save you a great deal of time and money. They work very efficiently and they have access to multi-purpose machinery that can be used to repair all kinds of imperfections. By getting professional services you will be able to enjoy top-notch asphalt surfaces and the appeal of your home will be enhanced.

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