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What is Paving

Paving stones are a versatile and attractive Concrete paving option that may be utilised for a variety of applications. You can arrange your Pavers in a variety of designs, such as herringbone, basketweave, or running bond, and choose from a variety of colors to fit your preferences.

Residential Use Paver Stone

Our interlocking paving stones are ideal for enhancing the appearance of your property. They can be used to surround a pool, a roadway that leads up to your property, a terrace, or garden paths or pathways that go off a patio. They can mix in with the External Decor of your existing home, increasing the curb appeal and value of the overall property.

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Commercial Use Paver Stone

Commercial patios, walks leading up to commercial buildings, and other uses are all possible with these interlocking paver stones.

They’re warm and inviting while remaining professional, and you may customise the pattern and colour to match the overall aesthetic of your business or commercial structure.

You can choose from a variety of sizes to get the look you want, and custom colours may be available upon request.

These Paving Stones have the same long-lasting quality as other Nitterhouse concrete pavers, making them suited for almost any commercial use.

Redesigning your exterior with paving stones might be a beautiful idea, but it also requires a significant time and financial investment. When you make the decision to do it, you want the nicest paving stones possible.

Why A1 Masonry Contractors

As a supplier of High-Quality Concrete goods, you can trust A1 Masonry Contractors to offer you with not just all of the materials you’ll need to construct a fantastic paving stone pattern, but also pavers that are robust, long-lasting, and attractive.

Simply contact us when you’re ready to add excellent paving stones to the exterior of your home or business. 

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