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A1 masonry Chimney Services in DuPont Circle is a company that has been providing chimney cleaning, repairs, and inspections for many years. Some of the important features of their services are providing chimney cover inspections and cleaning, servicing fireplaces, building custom fire screens and covers, replacing wrought iron products with stainless steel, installing gas log sets, repairing or rebuilding masonry chimneys.

In many states, if a chimney has been neglected it could result in a fire. It is important to get any cracks patched and the flue cleaned so that your chimney can perform as it should. If you do not maintain your chimney, it can accelerate heat loss and lead to dirty air ducts. If the chimney needs repair, take the time now to hire an A1 masonry experienced contractor who will be able to examine the situation and make any necessary repairs.

A chimney spout is a cone-shaped pipe that carries water from the boiler to the outside of your house. When it springs a leak, you need to have it repaired before any more damage occurs in your home. A leaking chimney spout typically shows signs of water dripping from the mouth of the spout or from an area near the base. It doesn’t take too long for mold and mildew to form, which will cause permanent damage to your property.

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Chimney Services in DuPont Circle

There are many types of chimney services that you can choose from if you live in DuPont Circle. Chimneys can get dirty and damaged over years, so it’s important to have them cleaned at least once per year to keep your home safe and healthy. Another type of service that could be helpful is chimney repair, which involves fixing creosote buildup or cracks that might be present in the pipe itself. This will help prevent any fires from happening inside your home or damaging it further down the road.

We are your chimney sweeper. We have been in business for many years and can handle all of your chimney needs.

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Any chimney sweep worth their salt will tell you that cleaning your chimney is the most important aspect of maintaining your fireplace. Not only does it make your home safer, but it also helps the chimney perform at its peak efficiency. Although some people may be intimidated by climbing on top of the roof or using ladders, most chimneys are generally easy to clean, and can be done in less than an hour. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean that it’s not dangerous, in fact many people are injured every year while attempting to service their own chimneys.

In general, if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, there are plenty of professionals who will do it for you. Even if you feel confident enough to do the job by yourself, it is still a good idea to have a professional come out and do an annual inspection. This can help find potential problems before they become expensive catastrophes. Call our experts @ 202 855 3245!

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