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A1 Masonry Contractors are leading Paving Contractors Washington DC Company. We have been offering the best pavement management systems for over thirty years. We are a family-owned business with a team of licensed professionals who are experts in all kinds of paving. Our founders have the essential knowledge and expertise about the different aspects of the industry. We are also responsible for upgrading our skills to provide the finest solutions. We understand the client’s expectations and take all the necessary steps to fulfil them.

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How can Paving Contractors Washington, DC, uplift the property's appeal?

The driveway creates the first impression of the property. A dull or broken structure can negate the value of the entire structure. People take utmost care to ensure that every aspect of their house is functional and visually appealing. This pathway or driveway is the origin point for these expectations. Consumers can hire residential paving contractors to install a quality structure. They will analyse the client’s location and develop a feasible plan. Our company focuses on the structure’s functional attributes and aesthetic appeal.
You will find us on google, if you look for ‘the best paving companies near me’. We provide reliable paving services 24/7.

We offer Quality Masonry Services

Our goal is to provide you with quality masonry services consistently. We’re highly experienced in all phases of design and construction. From installing walkways and patios to building fire pits and water features, we can tackle any job with ease.

Paving Services

We offer a variety of masonry paving services for both residential and commercial clients. All of our work is done by our team of expert masons. Our services include driveway paving, pool & patio repair, concrete installation and more.

Driveway Paving Services

Our driveway paving services include laying down new driveways and repairing existing ones. We will work with you to choose the best kind of stone or concrete that will fit your budget and needs.

Pool & Patio Repair Services

We repair pools, patios, and other outdoor areas. These areas can become damaged over time due to weather exposure or regular wear and tear. If any of your paved surfaces are cracked, please do call us immediately. We fill all kind of cracks and repair them with concrete. This will ensure they are taken care of. We also offer complete pool resurfacing services for those who want a fresh new look!

Concrete Installation Services

We offer concrete installation services. These services include laying down new slabs and repairing existing ones that have been damaged or cracked. This damage can be caused by weather exposure or just regular use over time. We offer a variety of stones. These stones are ideal for surfaces like patios and pool areas, even underwater. We offer free estimates for all our customers.

How does Paving Contractors Washington DC handle concrete paver installation?

Leading companies such as A1 Masonry Contractors will have a detailed and systematic plan to handle the project. Though this might sound simple, the actual job is could get complex.
This means that the company will have to be well-versed in the different aspects of the projects. First, we will inspect the soil to understand if it is stable to handle the pressure. Our team has vast experience hot mix asphalt for paving asphalt for driveway installation.
We might even undertake some compacting measures to ensure the area is ready. Then we will start the process by deploying the best paving contractors in the market. We also provide adequate time for the layer to set and dry. This ensures that the driveway has a long lifespan and it is sturdy to withstand consistent pressure. We follow a systematic process and take proper time to pave effectively. We do not rush our work.

Why A1 Masonry Contractors the best asphalt-paving contractors?

Our company has over three decades of experience offering quality concrete pavers installation services. We are a family-owned business that clearly comprehends the client’s expectations. We have had the opportunity to work with different residential and commercial customers in all weather conditions. This enables us to develop an effective strategy that will help us to provide the best solutions.
We strive to maintain open communication with our clients. We are also keenly focused on delivering the best solutions at competitive prices. Therefore, the company will take the appropriate steps to attain service excellence.
We also have an extensive vendor network that helps us choose the best materials. This makes us the best paving company in the region. We offer free estimates and have great customer reviews online.

A1 Masonry and trends in Pavement designs

There are a lot of economic and environmental challenges in the world today. So, there is a demand for strong and new high-quality pavement solutions. Over the decade, A1 Masonry contractors has followed trends in pavement engineering. Our focus is on development.We have observed that there is a connection between pavement infrastructure and swift development of the global social economy.
The world is seeing a growth in:
  • New theories,
  • New methods,
  • New technologies and
  • New materials
As paving contractors, A1 Masonry contractors are trying to stay ahead of the game. We are known as reliable paving contractors with a strong quest for learning.

Pavement design:

Pavement design has slowly changed over the last century. For instance, the thickness of the pavement post 1990s had various methods. Prior to 1920, thickness of the pavement was determined by feel. Experts have seen a difference in quality in designed and constructed pavements. There is a call for improvement on pavement design, construction and maintenance. This is in reference to:
  1.     Real-time data collection of traffic load and pavement behaviour.
  2.     Functional pavement structural design
  3.     Formulation of pavement mix
  4.    Alternative materials for pavement
  5.    The use of innovative technologies for pavement construction

The natural aging of pavements:

Experts in the field cite that degradation of pavement infrastructure is a normal process. It is impacted by how people drive and environmental conditions. Therefore, it is difficult for paving contractors to guess how long a pavement will last. Scientists are working on studying pavement materials to custom paving solutions that will last for a long time.
a) With the development of society, pavement engineering faces unmatched challenges and possibilities for growth.
America has shown the rest of the world how roads are built. This offers lessons in pavement construction for other countries of the world. Computer engineering and technology add to pavement construction technologies. As we grow with the world, A1 masonry has ventured into other areas like hardscaping services and interlocking pavers installation. We are also referred to as Gravel driveway contractors or blacktop paving contractors.
b) With the growth of education, pavement engineering faces unmatched growth in scientific manpower and literature. 
The universities of the world have given us highly trained and skilled talent in highway and pavement engineering. The amount of science available on pavement construction methods are a lot. At A1 Masonry we go to great lengths to stay ahead of the latest information in pavement construction and pavement design. The growth of scientific information aids a growing and competitive industry. We have a core team with a focus on research and development to improve processes, materials, technology and design.

A1 Masonry grows with pavement trends:

As we keep up with the trends in pavement engineering, our team learns and grows. Our services are flexible, and we are enabled to work as commercial and residential paving contractors. Our experience has given us the opportunities to look into:
  • Tar and chip,
  • Paving stones installation
  • Retaining walls among the many other pavement services.
We know that learning is constant, and we can only be successful if we are aware of changes in the business. We are proud to be known as one of the best paving companies in the US. We offer affordable and experience paving services.

A1 masonry is easy to find in Washington DC:

A1 masonry are reliable paving contractors located in Washington DC. If you search for ‘paving companies near me‘, you will find us on 1775 Eye Street, D.C. 20006.

We are reachable on 202 855 3245 on all working days. In case you have any queries on pavement repair services or paving solutions, please do email us @

We will be happy to talk to you about custom paving solutions and offer you a free quote. If you need directions to reach our office, kindly visit our website for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers often are curious about how soon they can use their driveway or patio after a paving job. This can get difficult as this might be the only access to the house. Though some buildings have a garden, this might not apply to everyone. The Paving Contractors, Washington DC, would provide specialized instructions on how long people should wait before they can use the area. First, the structure needs to dry and set to last long. Though this might vary based on the individual structures, the average time is about 72 hours.
Cold weather is not generally favourable to the driveway paving near me. This is primarily because the concrete or asphalt might harden and set too quickly. This will not give it adequate time to spread evenly or even level. Therefore, the service company will not usually undertake these services during this season. Another significant issue is that the structure might break due to the cold. Paving Contractors Washington DC, suggests that temperatures below 50 degrees are not favourable for these projects.

The best time for laying a paving project would be spring and summer. However, the cold weather might not be favourable for this task. The Paving Contractors, Washington DC, will plan their schedule based on the climatic conditions.

They will provide a detailed explanation of how the climate can impact the structure. People can also arrange to install or renovate their driveways during these seasons. However, it is imperative to understand that the project cost could be high due to the demand.

The best time for laying a paving project would be spring and summer. However, the cold weather might not be favorable for this task. The Paving Contractors, Washington DC, will plan their schedule based on the climatic conditions. They will provide a detailed explanation of how the climate can impact the structure. People can also arrange to install or renovate their driveways during these seasons. However, it is imperative to understand that the project cost could be high due to the demand.

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