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A1 masonry chimney repairs, Friendship heights is a company that provides professional, efficient, and affordable masonry repairs. We offer a wide variety of services including chimney lining, firebox repair and lining, chimney cap installation, flashing installation, flue liner replacement and more.

When it comes to your chimney, you can’t take any chances. The last thing you want to do is wait until it’s too late and the damage has been done. With a good maintenance, your chimney will be clean, safe and in good working condition for years to come.

Our technicians are experienced and skilled, providing expert workmanship that is guaranteed.

Chimney repairs can range from addressing cracks in the interior or exterior brick to rebuilding an entire section or wall of your chimney. This may involve installing a new firebox, repairing masonry joints and brickwork, and replacing flue tile and mortar. For a more cost effective way to fix your chimney we also offer chimney relining.

We are the chimney repair experts in Friendship Heights. We know that a happy customer is a repeat customer. We have spent the last 30 years building relationships with chimney manufacturers and distributors in order to supply our customers with only the highest quality chimneys and parts.

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Chimney Services in Friendship Heights

Tear and wear from heat, wind, and rain over time cause the protective mortar coating on a chimney crown to deteriorate and can lead to major damage. Our technicians repoint the brick surface of your chimney with a mixture of thin-set mortar and water, extending its life by another ten years. If your chimney is exposed to water from rains or snow melt, or gets hit by strong winds, repointing every three to five years might be required.

Our expert technicians will craft an affordable crown restoration plan, using only the highest-quality supplies. In the end, you get a flawless replacement that can last for decades.

We have a team of skilled bricklayers who can install a brick veneer panel for you within a short duration. Brick veneer is highly durable and versatile, since it can be used for wide variety of purposes. The panel’s front side contains a veneer stone, and it’s supposed to face away from your home. On the other hand, the panel’s backside has several metal fasteners that lock into one another.

When water flows down your chimney, it has a tendency of painting the roof beneath it. To keep the roof from rusting, we install industrial metal sheets which help limit the direct contact between the chimney and the roof. And also, we seal up the crack between the roof and the chimney using silicone to prevent any further water seepage.

Sometimes, re-building an old chimney is more cost-effective than getting a new one. We often deploy a team of three brick masons to inspect, reassemble and rebuild an old fireplace. While we ensure safety, we also make every effort to minimize your family’s disruption during the process.

If your fireplace is overused, the roofing is worn out from the storm, and you don’t reline your chimney, it’s likely that the chimney fire will happen. Most chimneys depreciate over time. In some cases, defective products are installed that cause damage to the home. We can offer you quality chimney relining services by experienced professionals who know how to replace and provide a long-lasting service. Let your chimney be in our hands – we will solve all your problems!

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