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A1 Masonry Contractors are professional paving contractors located in Centreville VA. We began paving surfaces around 30 years ago. We are now renowned for our trademark perfection for paved surfaces in all areas surrounding Centerville VA. We are experts in residential construction and commercial projects as well.

Our customer network has been loyal and have consistently chosen us over our competitors for the following reasons:

  • We are the affordable, residential driveway paving contractors in Centerville
  • We are the top professional tar and chip paving contracts for homes
  • We are the top-rated interlocking paving contractors for backyards
  • For 30 years we have been the best commercial parking lot Paving Contractors in Centerville VA.
  • Our landscaped projects are landmarked in the city. We offer skilled retaining wall paving contractors for all landscape projects
  • We are rated as the best quality blacktop and reliable asphalt paving contractors for all businesses and driveways.
Customers are happy with our gravel driveway ideas and the durable driveway materials that we use. Every driveway requires professional care, and our team is qualified for the same.

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The rise in demand for paving by customers

All commercial and residential properties choose paving as a mandatory decorative element for their properties. It is not only highly functional but adds immense value to the property. A1 Masonry Contractors is the trusted paving contractors in Centerville for 3 decades.
We know how to build paths out of both gravel and concrete. Our paving records include a wide range of successful projects, such as outdoor walks, patios, driveways, and parking lots. We are different from competition because our designs are both creative and useful. Our work is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in Centerville, VA.
Our experienced mason knows how to work with various materials, colours and patterns, giving your property a classic elegant look. If you want to re-do your outdoor space, then choose experienced paver patio contractors that are reliable and affordable. Our material costs are reasonable and depend on the square foot of the property.

A1 Masonry Services Offer High-Quality Paving Services in Centreville VA: Why choose us?

We’re happy to offer our experience in paving to both homes and businesses in Centreville, VA. We are professional experts in all kinds of paving work for driveways. Customers chose us for work on farms, personal properties, outdoor spaces, and residential spaces. Our core team of trained masons is committed to making sure that all of our clients are happy. We ensure that our projects:
  • Have a distinct style in Centreville VA
  • Are completed on time.
  • Are achieved within the customer’s budget.
  • We have achieved a zero-error rate for most projects.
  • Our choice of materials and installation methods reduce concrete driveway costs.
  • We use simple methods to try and reduce your labour costs as well.

What are the advantages of Asphalt paving?


Asphalt filling is a great way to improve the look of your property. We are known for our good work and are called the best asphalt paving contractors. Asphalt is a low-cost material that has many benefits.

Some of the good things about asphalt are:


Check with paving contractors near you to compare materials and methods used for paving. Your property will have its own unique elements and design. It is important to select the best residential paving contractor near you that will meet all the essential requirements. Asphalt is a popular choice for driveways as it has superior durability. We are the no.1 dependable asphalt driveway paving contractors in the city.
Durability is an essential factor in a paving project. At A1 Masonry, we guarantee that your paved surface will have a long lifespan. It could last for many years and save you a lot of repair costs.
The material and design for your pave surface should be chosen with adequate knowledge and research. If you have a paved surface that has low maintenance, then asphalt is the best material for you. A1 Masonry Contractors specialize in affordable asphalt paving. They can provide you with a beautiful asphalt paved surface at a price that fits your budget.

Good for stormy weather:

Due to its natural composition and properties, asphalt offers great resistance to the weather. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and is known to be used in waterproofing, sealing and insulation.

Choose your professional paving contractors with care.

When looking for a paving provider, it’s a good idea to do research and ask for suggestions. This will help you find a reliable paving contractor in the area near you. The A1 Masonry contractors are the most licensed and well-known paving companies in Centerville, VA.
We are known as the most affordable paving business in the city because we have the lowest prices. Please contact us if you need help in an emergency for any of your paved surfaces. We have a team that are experts in all types of driveways. Our licensed team have experience in paving a driveway and sealing a driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who are the most affordable paving contractors in Centerville VA?
A1 Masonry Contractors have been rated as the most affordable in Centerville offering highly competitive pricing for paving solutions.
2. Where can I get an estimate for outdoor landscaping and patio paver services?
A1 Masonry Contracts offers a free estimate for all paving solutions in Centerville. Call us for all your paving solutions or any landscaping design services.
3. Can paving contractors repair cracks in my driveway?
Yes, driveway cracks can be fixed by paving professionals. To fix a cracked driveway, workers will first fill the cracks with a concrete filler and finish the driveway. This will stop water from running under the road and under the base. If not, the driveway would crack, which would weaken the house’s base. Cement glue will also be used to fill the cracks, joints, and expansion joints. Call professional paving contractors near you if you need cracks in your driveway to be fixed.
4. How can I choose the best paving contractor in Centerville?
Check out customer reviews on important websites to find the best paving company in Centerville. Read what other customers have to say about the service and talk to your friends to find the best suggestions. A1 Masonry Contractors is proud to have a 100% customer retention rate. We receive a lot of customers through references from previous projects. Pls do not hesitate to ask us for references to clear your doubts about our professional expertise.

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