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We offer classic and distinctive paving solutions for all customers in the Vienna Virginia area. Over 30 years, we have built the reputation of being the most affordable paving contractors in the city. Our commitment to perfection and quality has positioned us as the top reliable paving contractors in the city. In order to stay relevant with our paving solutions, we ensure that our team is trained with the latest technology. This way, we constantly improve our equipment and processes to offer only the best masonry solutions in Vienna VA.





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We are the best because we constantly imbibe the values of accountability, affordability and accuracy in all our work. Our team is always ahead of the competition because we believe in the power of knowledge. Therefore, A1 Masonry has emerged to the top spot as the most reliable Paving Contractors in Vienna VA. Our range of services include walkways, patio installations & repairs and concrete driveways.
Central to our efforts towards masonry solutions is the focus on 100% customer satisfaction. We understand your needs for quality, affordability, durability and beauty. You can contact us anytime for a free quote and a free inspection.

Residential & Commercial Paving in Vienna VA

When it comes to your property, you want to hire only the best. A1 Masonry Contractors have the experience and expertise to analyse both residential and commercial properties for effective paving solutions. For over 30 years now, we have built the reputation of being dependable paving contractors that provide high-quality paving solutions. We excel in construction, maintenance and repair. Our residential & commercial paving services in Vienna VA include:
Over the years, paving contractors have adapted paving solutions to changing customer needs. Today, as a leading paving contractor, A1 has the capabilities to offer a variety of paving solutions that are cost-effective. We have now emerged as the No. 1:
Due to its durability and the value that it naturally offers to a property, paving has emerged as popular element in the construction process. It is quite common to have customers regularly look for affordable residential paving contractors in their region. Paving has gained importance in both residential and commercial projects due to high functionality and curb appeal. Our experience and wide customer network have enabled us to prove ourselves as the best commercial parking lot Paving Contractors in Vienna VA. Many customer reviews also showcase us as the top-rated interlocking paving contractors for backyards. When we first began, we were known as trusted concrete driveway paving contractors for all kinds of properties. Now, with our vast experience, we have several projects that prove the success rate with our diverse set of skills. We are also proud of all our landscaping projects that involved skilled retaining wall work. Our experienced paver patio contractors have built some of the best outdoor spaces in the region.
Paving surfaces with gravel, blacktop, concrete, asphalt or tar may seem like a complex process. Our paving company has developed simplified processes that are affordable. This approach has given us the prestigious title of being the most dependable paving contractors for all paving solutions.
We have paved various hardscapes throughout Vienna, VA including driveways, patios, parking lots, sidewalks, exterior walls, pool decks, etc. Our dedication to perfection will more than meet your expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our paving services by filling out the form below or calling us at 202-855-3245.

Why Choose Us for Paving Service in Vienna VA

A1 masonry contractors have emerged as the most innovative paving contractor in the city.  The secret to our success is:
  • Sourcing superior materials
  • Knowledge of efficient methods
  • Access to latest technology
  • Access to upgraded tools
  • Connections to a wide network of customers and suppliers
  • Competitive pricing in the industry
  • Diverse set of skills
  • Proficient in all masonry and paving work
  • Best customer relationship management (CRM) practices
  • Availability of eco-friendly alternatives
Our eco-friendly alternatives are made from recycled glass, brick and plastic bottles. These products are highly durable and can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.
We offer paving solutions, creative designs, work with repairs and provide regular maintenance. Our services include driveways, walkways, entrances and more. We have the capability to source a variety of superior materials that can offer creative designs and styles for your property. We can repair, install and build surfaces from the scratch. We work with natural stone and various types of concrete. A1 Masonry Contractors services are fully licensed and insured. So, if you’re looking for reliable paving services that are distinctive and not heavy on the pockets, you can contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does paving work?

To build a road or driveway, concrete bricks or solid asphalt stretches are placed in specific locations. Every stretch of asphalt is supported by a basis, which is often formed of compacted gravel. This base not only acts as a footing for the asphalt but also helps prevent water from pooling. Hot asphalt will not be put on top of the base until it has been laid, at which point a power roller will compact and solidify it. The asphalt will be cooled with water in the last step.

2. Name affordable residential driveway paving contractors near me.

A1 Masonry Contractors are the most affordable residential driveway paving contractors near you.

3. How can I select the best commercial parking lot paving contractors in Vienna?

The most reputed and experienced company will be the ideal choice as your commercial parking lot paving contractor. A1 Masonry has over 30 years of experience in providing innovative and sustainable paving solutions in Vienna. We have built a solid reputation of trust and quality with all our projects. Call us for all your paving queries.

4. Should my contractor seal paving stones?

It is advised that your contractor accomplish this step because concrete has pores that can expand and contract in response to temperature changes when water enters them. The water will swell as a result, which could cause damage. This can be avoided by sealing your new pavement about six to twelve months following installation, which is suggested as it will give your pavement time to settle.

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