Paving Contractors Wesley Heights

Finding the best paving contractors Wesley Heights is the first thing to consider when you are considering a paving project. Luckily, at A1 Masonry Contractors, we are a team of professional paving experts who are ready to undertake your commercial and residential projects. Paving is a job of skills and demands a lot of precision and experience for successful execution. At A1 Masonry Contractors, we make the best paving team to successfully complete the endeavor in your choice of time and budget.

We welcome all your commercial and residential paving requirements and ensure that you enjoy the utmost satisfaction of getting the best value out of your investment in paving installation with A1 Masonry Contractors.

Paving or Decking - Which is best?

Paving and decking are two excellent ways to strengthen and beautify your outdoor spaces. However, when the two are compared, the paving is an excellent option as it offers more durability, functionality as well as cost-effectiveness. Decking is done with timber which makes it more sensitive to elements, weather changes as well as wear and tear.

On the other hand, paving is done using high-quality paving bricks/ slates and is sturdier, cost-effective and offers longevity. The efficiency of paving however depends on the efficiency of the Paving contractor’s Wesley Heights. 

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How Much Do Paving Slabs Cost in Wesley Heights?

The cost of paving slab is a key agenda when you are considering a Paving Contractors Wesley Heights project. Experts explain that there is a wide range of aspects that influence the price of paving in  Wesley Heights. For example, if you are paving a patio, you need to consider the size of the patio, drainage, preparations requirements before paving and more.

At A1 Masonry Contractors, we ensure that we keep the paving project cost within your budget and ensure that you get the best paving solutions under your planned budget.

What is the Best Sand for paving?

There is a wide range of paver joint materials available in the market. The choice of paving sand widely decides the strength and sturdiness of the paved segment. One of the best paver sand options available is Polymeric Sand. It is a strong binding agent and helps lock down the paving slabs efficiently for years to come.

Is Pavement Without Sand is Safe?

You can pave without sand, but it is a rather bad idea because the strength and sturdiness of the pavement widely depend on the binding of the paving slabs. Using a high-quality sand type is important to ensure that the paving slab sticks to its setting as long as the pavement lasts. So, no, pavement without sand is not safe.

A1 Masonry Contractors - Why are we Paving Experts?

A1 Masonry Contractors is the leading paving contractor Wesley Heights. We are a team of passionate pavers, dedicated to offering premium paving solutions to the commercial and residential clients we cater to. Our services are diverse including paving solutions for parking lots, retail spaces, driveways, walkways, patios, and other areas that demand high-end paving Wesley Heights.

You can get cost-effective and high-quality paving solutions at A1 Masonry Contractors and enjoy the value-added of your property.

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