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Need your brick work tuckpointed? Contact A1 masonry tuckpointing specialists in Colonial Village for a quality job that’ll last for decades, and leave you not worrying about rot and mold. Colonial Village has 30 years of experience in the tuckpointing business. Call us @ 202 855 3245 today!

Tuckpointing is a major technique that has been used for centuries to repair and restore brick or stone masonry. It consists of replacing the deteriorated mortar joints in a wall with new mortar that matches the color of the existing mortar so closely that the repair is invisible from a few feet away.

The tuckpointing technique was developed hundreds of years ago when lime based mortars were used. This type of mortar was not as hard as the stones in the masonry walls, so it wore away at a higher rate than the stones themselves (a problem that modern cement based mortars do not have). As a consequence, rainwater penetrated through the worn joints and eroded the softer mortar. Repair methods consisted of simply scraping out all of the old mortar and re-pointing it with fresh mortar, often in different colors (hence the term “tuckpointing”).

Today tuckpointing is often used to create an illusion or deception. For example, if you have a brick facade that is old and worn looking, but structurally sound, you can have all of your joints raked out and replaced with new mortar that is colored to match the brick. Voila! Your brick facade looks like new again!

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Tuckpointing Contractors in Colonial Village

A1 Masonry is a leading tuckpointing contractor in Colonial Village. We offer a wide range of professional services including brick repair, stone repair, and foundation cracks. We are locally owned and operated to take care of all your masonry needs. 

A1 Masonry Tuckpointing Contractors in Colonial Village

A1 Masonry has been providing masonry services to the Colonial Village area of Evanston for over 25 years. We are a family owned company that takes pride in our work and the relationships we build with our clients.

Tuckpointing Services

After many years of use, the mortar joints in chimneys and fireplaces may need to be tuck-pointed to provide a more even thickness.

Over the years your chimney, fireplaces and brickwork may need repairing. A1 Masonry in Colonial village is the number one choice for professional chimney and fireplace tuckpointing services in the area. Contact us today

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