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Tuckpointing is an essential part of upkeep for your home. It keeps the mortar joints between bricks in place so the bricks don’t fall out, which could cost you a lot more money to fix than if you simply maintain them now. It’s also important to have your chimney tuckpointed for safety reasons, keep it safe for years to come with a A1 masonry tuckpointing service in Foxhall village today.

Tuckpointing is a form of pointing used in brickwork. Tuckpointing involves using two contrasting colours of mortar in the mortar joints. A uniform (non-contrasting) mortar colour is used in the brickwork, which sets off the tuckpointed joint.

The practice is not confined solely to brickwork, and it applies also to stone masonry, where the contrast in colour is between the finely cut (pointed) ashlar and the rubble or roughly dressed stonework.

As a method of implying higher quality workmanship and craftsmanship, tuckpointing was popular with some homeowners during much of the 20th century, including those who wanted to revive the appearance of 18th and 19th century homes constructed in brick. The technique is also used to replace missing segments of a brick wall when bricks are too damaged to be repaired or reused, as this process allows for an even finish with no unevenness across the entire wall.

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Tuckpointing Contractors in Foxhall village

A good tuckpointing contractor will have experience working with all types of brickwork, from old houses to new construction. They will also have the right tools for the job, including a special trowel called a hawk and a narrow chisel-like tool called a jointer.

Hiring a reliable contractor can be a challenge. A1 masonry Tuckpointing contractors in Foxhall Village stands out among the rest, offering professional and reliable services at affordable prices.

Tuckpointing Services

Chimney tuckpointing services are our specialty!

Chimney tuckpointing is a wet tuckpointing mortar applied using a soft brush and trowel. The mortar is then allowed to cure, or chemically set, by allowing the moisture in the mortar to evaporate. It also involves a top coat of joint filler (often sand and cement based).

It’s important to remove as much of the old mortar from the brick before tuck-pointing to ensure your job will look good for years to come. Removing loose mortar from brick is a laborious job, but it’s necessary if you expect your new mortar joints to blend in well with the rest of the brick. Using a cold chisel and masonry hammer, we remove all of the soft mortar that’s in contact with the bricks and then clean out any remaining soft spots. After our bricks are prepped, we’ll tuck-point all sections of the chimney using our special mortar mix and masonry tools.”

Don’t let your chimney look like it’s falling apart—our tuckpointing services will have your chimney looking great in no time. We clean, repair and repoint the old, loose mortar on your chimney, soot-cap and crown. Our expert A1 masons can also repair damaged bricks and even add new bricks when needed! Contact us today.

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