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A1 masonry Tuckpointing in Wesley Heights is a leading provider of house restoration and historical architectural services. Tuckpointing is a specialty and is performed on mortar joints. This is necessary to control water and air infiltration, support the structure, and maintain an aesthetic appearance. We specialize in all areas of exterior, interior, historical preservation and construction. Residential as well as commercial services are available. Call today for a FREE estimate!

Tuckpointing is an art that has been passed down from one generation to another. It is a timeless construction technique used in masonry work. It involves two different colored mortar joints for the purpose of creating a pattern that resembles brickwork. In the old days, it was used as a way to remove and replace deteriorated mortar joints. But today, it is used as a decorative feature to create an aesthetic appeal on your home or office.

Tuckpointing can be described as a kind of pointing system in which very fine joints are used to make the brickwork look even and tidy. The process involves removing damaged mortar joints by use of chisels, grinding blades or with the help of circular saws. Once the damaged joints have been removed, fresh mortar can then be applied to fill up the hollow spaces left behind by the removal of damaged mortar joints. This is known as tuckpointing and can be done using various types of tuckpointing tools such as feather scrapers and masonry brushes.

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Tuckpointing Contractors in Wesley Heights

Tuckpointing is a very specialized service that requires years of experience and training in order to be done correctly. If you are looking to have your building tuckpointed, it is advisable that you hire a company that specializes in this type of work rather than hiring a general masonry contractor or handyman. Tuckpointing is an art form as well as a highly specialized skill, so it will take someone with extensive experience in this field in order to do a quality job. Contact our contractors today!

Tuckpointing Services

Common tuckpointing applications include brick repointing, brick cleaning and repair, chimney repair, and masonry restoration.

– Lime pointing and lime mortars is one of the Tuckpointing Services we offer to our valued customers. We are working with home owners and commercial business owners in Spring Valley area for more than twenty years. Our expertise in Tuckpointing Services is well known in the construction industry.

– We use traditional tuckpointing and lime pointing method to repair the existing mortar joints and walls. Our team of professional artisans have decades of experience in handling all kinds of job orders.

– When the mortar between bricks and stones start deteriorating, we take it as a challenge to refurbish them in order to maintain the structural integrity of the building. The process involves grinding out old or damaged mortar joints, raking out loose sand and dirt, repointing or replacing missing bricks or stones before applying a new mortar mix to fill in the voids. This process also helps to prevent water penetration into your property from outside elements that cause dampness on internal walls and ceilings which can lead to mould growth on woodwork, plaster and wallpaper.

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